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Products Conform to Platforms, not Borders

March 26, 2012

Products conform to platforms, not to borders.

Shrewd entrepreneurs talk about agnostic product launches: “Release, observe, optimize, localize, and repeat.”  If you build great product, they will come – but you don’t know where they will be from.  It is increasingly likely that they won’t be from anywhere near you. Products conform to platforms, not to borders.  User bases are global, as are competitors.  But talent too is global, and international teams empower those open to the possibility of global market opportunity.

We are part of the global entrepreneurial class, an identity that transgresses borders, nationalities, and religion.  Entrepreneurs are a demographic, not a geographic, and their conspicuous creation is driving positive change in our world. Silicon Valley remains a bastion, and a gravitational force.

What does this mean?  How does it impact:

  • The entrepreneur?
  • The entrepreneurial eco-systems?
  • Angel networks?
  • Venture funding?
  • Micro Investments (aka crowd funding)?
  • Mentors and coaches?
  • To Colleges and Universities?
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